Trigenics® Knee Course PLUS
Clinic Growth Strategy Module
August 26-27 • Toronto, Canada
Our elite marketing and clinic growth coaching will give you the tools to rapidly grow your clinical practice. You will be able to charge higher case fees, see fewer patients, and ultimately make more money!
Enhance Your Clinical Practice Income
Directly treat acute or chronic injuries for effective pain relief, improved strength, and faster restoration of mobility. Master the Trigenics® Knee Operation (TKO®) and give your patients results in as little as one or two visits!
Get Clinical Pearls and Treatment Gems
Toronto, Canada • August 26-27, 2017 • Saturday 10-6pm, Sunday 11-5pm

Learn the best in knee assessment and treatment PLUS get elite marketing and clinic growth strategies!

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This course is for you if you are a practitioner or student of one (or more) of the following: Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Physical Therapy, Sports Therapy, Massage Therapy, Kinesiology.
Course Fee: ONLY $499!!!
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Get a thorough overview of the functional anatomy of the knee. Learn Trigenics® strengthening and lengthening procedures as well as Trigenics® myoneural kinetic strength and length assessment routines for all muscles affected by conditions of the knee.
Learn Trigenics® Theory and Assessment
Regular course fee is $999!
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One-Time Special Introductory 
Course Fee: ONLY $499!!!
Date: August 26-27, 2017 
Course Venue: Holiday Inn Toronto Downtown
 30 Carlton St, Toronto, Canada M5B 2E9
Includes Trigenics® theory manual and DVD! Regular course fee is $999.
Trigenics® Testimonials From Practitioners
Pretty amazing stuff to learn in a short amount of time. It will drastically improve how I practice tomorrow!
Dr. Omar is a rising star in Trigenics® and has hundreds of hours of direct, one-on-one instruction on the latest and most advanced Trigenics® techniques with founder, Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin. He has also been an assistant instructor to Dr. Oolo-Austin in various courses. In addition to revising and editing Trigenics® course manuals and producing Trigenics® videos, he performs Trigenics® Knee Operations and Trigenics® Shoulder Impingement Procedures at the Trigenics® flagship clinic in Toronto.
Course Instructor: Dr. Omar Abdulsattar
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Dr. Richard Avery, The Chiropractic Niche Coach and host of the popular chiropractic podcast the Crush’n It Podcast has teamed up with Trigenics® to create Trigenics® Plus – Trigenics® Niche Coach Marketing Services. Dr. Avery specializes in helping doctors create niche clinics to become the authority in their community, dominate over their competition, and drive an abundance of new patients to their offices’ regardless of their higher fees. We are excited to have him join our team to help you take your clinic to the next level!
Marketing Coach: Dr. Richard Avery
Trigenics Institute Spine Manipulation Course
Trigenics Institute Spine Manipulation Course
Trigenics courses Spine Manipulation
343 Eglinton Ave. E, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Become the knee expert, the go-to authority. Dominate your area, make more than ever before, and be constantly overloaded with a lineup of new patients with Trigenics® Plus!

Course Fee:
ONLY $499!!!
Includes Trigenics® theory manual and DVD!
Regular course fee is $999